2022/23 Topps Chrome Overtime Elite Basketball 7 Pack Blaster Box

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2022/23 Topps Chrome Overtime Elite Basketball 7 Pack Blaster Box

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**Factory Sealed**
Configuration: 7 packs/4 cards
2022-23 Topps Chrome Overtime Elite Basketball Cards Retail delivers (2) EXCLUSIVE Base Set RayWave Parallels in Every Box! Overtime Elite slams back into the hobby with another exciting year of showcasing basketball’s brightest future superstars!
  • (2) EXCLUSIVE Base Set RayWave Parallels in Every Box!
    • Chase (15) Refractor Parallels including (13) #’d from 399 to 1-of-1 SuperFractors and Printing Plates, as well as (4) Retail EXCLUSIVE versions.
  • 100-Card Base Set -Collect basketball’s future stars!
  • Base Set Image Variations!
    • Look for these artistic Manga renditions featuring some of OTE’s top ballers! Parallels include Gold (#’d /50), Red (#’d /5) and SuperFractor (#’d 1-of-1)!
  • Inserts!
    • NEW! OTE Class of… – Follow the career paths of OTEs premier talents as they rise up the draft rankings in their respective classes!
    • NEW! Hurricane – These players put the opposing teams on alert because they know a storm is about to come. Collect the most ferocious that OTE has to offer with Hurricane.
    • NEW! Topps Basketball 1972 – Pulling from the Topps vault, check out OTE’s superstars on the always classic Topps 1972 Basketball design!
    • SuperFly – Giving a nod to the vibrancy and grooviness of the 1970s, this limited insert frames some of the top OTE players on a colorful background that really makes them pop.
      • Refractor Parallels (for all inserts): Blue #’d to 50, Red #’d to 5, SuperFractors and Printing Plates #’d 1-of-1
    • NEW! Chrome Expose – SUPER LIMITED!
  • Look for Chrome Autographs!
    • Find Refractor Parallels, including the RETAIL EXCLUSIVE Gold RayWave, #’d /99 – 1-of-1!
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