2023 Topps Heritage Baseball 8-Pack Blaster Box Blue Parallels

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2023 Topps Heritage Baseball 8-Pack Blaster Box Blue Parallels

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**Factory Sealed**
8 packs/9 cards
Look For:
Exclusive Limited Blue Parallels!
  • Real One Autographs ON-CARD autographs of current and retired MLB greats!
  • Real One Special Edition Autographs – Signed in red ink and hand numbered to 74
  • Clubhouse Collection Autographed Relics – Featuring game used relics and ON-CARD autographs. Hand numbered to 25 or less
  • Flashback Autographed Relics – Celebrating moments from the 1974 season with retired greats’ ON-CARD autographs and game used relics.
  • Clubhouse Collection Relics – Game used uniform and bat pieces from leading MLB stars
  • Clubhouse Collection Dual Relics – Hand numbered to 72
  • Clubhouse Collection Triple Relics – Hand numbered to 25
  • Clubhouse Collection Quad Relics – Hand numbered to 10
  • 1974 U.S. Postage Stamp RelicsMLB greats from yesterday and today alongside postage stamps released in 1973. Numbered to 50.
  • 1974 Baseball Cut Signatures – Numbered 1-of-1
  • 1974 Celebrity Cut Signatures – Numbered 1-of-1
  • 2023 Heritage Insert Sets
    • New Age Performers -Showcasing young modern stars who are poised to surpass the legends of the game.
    • Then and Now – Comparing 1974 stars with their modern day equivalents.
    • Baseball Flashbacks – MLB’s best moments from the 1974 season are highlighted.
    • News Flashbacks – The world’s most memorable events take center stage.
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